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ColvillePrimary School

‘We Love, We Laugh, We Learn’

The end has come! After four full days of activities and frivolity we have returned to Colville. Every single child should be proud of their achievements and thoroughly pleased with their mature attitude and independence. The staff at the Centre complimented their behavior and willingness to persevere with challenging tasks. Before we left there was time for an excellent demonstration of mountain bike skills from Miss Brimson and Mrs Mansfield's groups, a wonderful effort on the high ropes from Mrs Deane (and her group!) and some exceptionally cold pioneers from Mr Watkins' group. The latter definitely won the award for most time spent in the freezing pond and least time spent on the bridges they had made! All the staff would like to thank the parents and carers for their support with packing and financing such a wonderful trip. It has been so valuable to all of the students. We hope they will look back on their time at Grafham very fondly.