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Grafham Residential Trip - Year 5 and 6

Grafham Water Centre Residential


Our Year 5/6 Residential trip takes place at Grafham Water Centre in the village of Perry. Our bespoke package has been designed and honed over many years to provide pupils with a wide range of activities and challenges to undertake over four days (three nights). Our aims for the trip are for the pupils to have fun, be independent and to push themselves. These challenges range from making their own beds to climbing to the top of high rope obstacles. This page sets out some of the information relating to the trip and provides a good starting point for parents/carers in year 4 or 5 to see how best to prepare for the Residential.


When is it?

We go in the second or third week of January. The weather is usually cold and sometimes wet but all of the activities are available and we get a much more competitive price as it is a quieter time of year for the centre.

How much does it cost?

The school heavily subsidises the cost of the trip for the year 6 pupils. Last year they were asked to pay £40 towards the cost of the trip. Year 5 pupils are welcome to attend in year 5 and pay a slightly higher fee than those of the year 6s.

Do all pupils have to go?

We would strongly encourage all pupils to make use of the residential trip. It is not compulsory to attend and year 6 pupils who don’t go on the residential are still expected to be in school on those days.

Is it good value for money?

We think it represents fantastic value for money. The pupils get all their meals and lodgings for 3 nights and 4 days as well as instructor led sessions on activities such as sailing, motor boating, canoeing, high ropes, archery, wall climbing and mountain biking.

What can I do to prepare for the trip?

Any pupils is welcome to attend the trip and we will always make reasonable adjustments to ensure everyone feels comfortable. It would be helpful if they have stayed overnight away from home before going on the trip in year 6. We hold regular face-to-face presentations and meetings on the trip in the run up to it, giving you an opportunity to ask questions and find out more information.

I’m anxious about …

It’s totally normal to be anxious about something when considering the residential trip. The best advice we have is communicate with us as soon as possible. We are experienced at dealing with a huge array of problems children might have being away from home. If it’s  something simple such as difficulties riding a bike or something serious like a medical condition please do talk to us about it as soon as possible.


If you have any questions about past trips or the upcoming ones please feel free to speak to a member of staff. Mr Wilton, Mr Watkins and Mr Hastings are good ports of call for information about the actual trip itself, queries about pre-trip organisation are best aimed at Miss Hunt or Mrs Thompson.