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ColvillePrimary School

‘We Love, We Laugh, We Learn’


Our Parent Staff Association (PSA) works hard to support the school and help to make it a better place for all our children to learn. Working together, parents and staff organise events to raise funds and strengthen the school community.


All the money we raise is invested back into the children, usually spent on things that the school budget doesn’t cover. Recent examples have included significant contributions to school outings for every class, motivational decals in school, mirrors in the bathrooms, subsidising the Christmas Pantomime trip, buying a freezer for ‘Freezer Fridays’ where we sell ice poles to the children.


An important part of what we do is organising fun events that bring the children together outside the normal school day – for instance, the Summer Fair, the Christmas Fair, the Pumpkin Patch, discos. We have so many ideas and are only limited by time and hands. We’d love to run a Bingo night, a quiz night, a movie night, but we can’t do these things without volunteers. WE NEED YOU!


There are many great reasons to help the PSA. You can make new friends, strengthen relationships with staff and play a positive part in making our school even better. Volunteers can help out in so many different ways – and you’re never committed to anything. You can press pause or stop at any time.  


  • Join the PSA Committee and help decide, plan and roll-out what we organise. We try and meet every 6 to 8 weeks for an hour after school. It’s very informal, there’s usually biscuits and your child can even come along and use the ChromeBooks or play. 😊


If you can’t always make it, that’s fine – we know that everyone is busy.




  • Volunteer to help out at an event, whether that’s staffing a stall at a fair for an hour or two, or selling refreshments at a school performance.




  • Donate your skills to the school – Are you a brilliant artist who could do a mural? Are your DIY skills so good you could help fix a fence?



  • Ask at work if they would be willing to donate to the school. This might be something we can raffle as a prize or something we can sell.


Please ask at the school office if you would like any more information on how to join or support the PSA.