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ColvillePrimary School

‘We Love, We Laugh, We Learn’

Science at Colville Primary School will: 

Develop curiosity 

Children’s enthusiasm and curiosity for science is promoted at every opportunity. Children both ask and answer questions in order to become informed and empowered citizens. 

Be fun and inspirational 

We want children to look forward to science lessons and to be inspired to find out more about the world. 

Promote talk and deeper thinking 

With a focus on vocabulary, children are able to discuss their ideas and explain and extend their understanding of the world. 

Be practical and collaborative 

Children investigate and experiment. They will be encouraged to see themselves as scientists as they learn about scientific methods. 

Develop scientific knowledge and enquiry skills  

Through a range of activities, children will gain experience of the nature, processes and methods of science as well as developing the scientific knowledge needed to make sense of what they observe. 

Take place inside and outside of the classroom 

Lessons will make use of the school grounds and further afield, including Cambridge University Museums.