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Free School Meals

If you think you are entitled to Free School meals and wish to apply for them , please click on the link . This will take to you to the correct website to apply.


Paper copies of the Free School Meals application form are available in the school office if you wish to apply that way.  


17th November 2018, £99*,
Developmental science can provide answers to the most pressing dilemmas for parents of young children. For example, how do I deal with tantrums? How can I get more sleep? Through understanding how the brain matures and how social and cognitive abilities develop, we stand a much greater chance of being more effective and compassionate parents.
The course is taught by child psychologist Dr Sarah Kuppen. You may find more information about her work here:
Both courses take place at the Cambridge University Institute of Continuing Education’s home, Madingley Hall.
* The course fee includes tuition, tea, coffee and lunch and travel on excursions (but not entrance fees to properties visited).
For more information please visit Child development: a guide for parenting.