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COVID-19 Home Learning


School is now open to all pupils and operating (largely) as normal. Your child is expected to attend school as normal and all the regular polices and procedures relating to illness and absence continue to apply. There are two likely situations where you will need our home learning provision.   Firstly, your child may be isolating due to symptoms of COVD-19 and be awaiting a test result. In this case, if your child is well enough, we will ensure you receive the work they would have been completing should they have been in school. Secondly, we may have to close a bubble or several bubbles as a result of advice from Public Health England. In this situation the whole bubble will learn remotely for the two week isolation period. All the work necessary for this period, along with the details of how to communicate with us will be including in a pack that your child will bring home. Should the bubble be closed at the weekend or outside of normal school hours, we will deliver the pack to you at your home address. 


There are some sources of general advice for isolating below.